Craftsman Guesthouse Remodel – Los Gatos

Client Testimonial

The cottage rebuild offered its own challenges given the small footprint we were allowed to build on. Ammirato Construction worked with us to create a highly livable design that fits a full kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and laundry into 400 square feet. The small cottage feels roomy and comfortable inside while matching the craftsman design style on the outside. Ammirato designed an elevated stone-faced patio with outdoor kitchen which is off the back of the craftsman house adjoining the cottage. The patio extends the living space of the 1,000 square foot home creating an outdoor room with gas fireplace.
John Ammirato and his crew chiefs provided great guidance through these large projects and were invaluable in creating the designs that are fabulous looking and were executed to the highest quality standards. Ammirato construction gets the highest recommendation we can give.