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I’m John Ammirato, and in the year 2000 I founded Ammirato Construction, bringing 20 years of building experience to the creativity table for my company. I’m a Bay Area native, comfortable and confident with the up and coming trends of the local community. I have created a team of highly skilled craftsmen, as well as a loyal network of subcontractors, who share my high standards for building and design, and I have learned firsthand the power of quality craftsmanship through extensive experience in both commercial and residential construction.

Prior to founding Ammirato Construction, I spent more than a decade in the high tech sector, managing multi-million dollar projects. While adhering to strict deadlines that crossed international borders, I was able to perfect my project management skills to a fine art. Since transitioning out of the global market, I am now able to deliver my finest work timely and within the budgets of my many clients across the Bay Area. In addition to always delivering highest quality of work, I pride myself on being extremely accessible. Whether by business line, cell phone, or email, I stay in steady contact with my clients, and am ready to deliver quality creativity and craftsmanship to you and your community today!

Meet Our Team

John Ammirato

John Ammirato - Ammirato ConsructionA bay area native, I started my career with an internship at Nasa-Ames Research Center, where I studied Aerospace and engineering. During this time, I found a natural gravitation towards construction, supplementing my college classes with construction management and other trade related courses. From there I spent more than a decade in the high-tech sector as a Regional Facilities Manager, managing multi-million dollar projects that crossed international borders. When Ammirato Construction Inc. was formed I brought over 20 years’ experience and the expertise. My strengths include attention to detail and the ability to take on a challenge head-on.

Outside of work I enjoy cooking, entertaining, cycling, working in the yard and spending time with family, friends and our dogs. I believe in working hard and playing hard, enjoy life.

Linda Ammirato

Linda Ammirato - Ammirato ConstructionI am a Southern California native, and moved to Northern California where I graduated from C.S.U.C. with a B.S.N. After graduation, I went to work at a hospital in the Bay Area and never returned to Southern California. Life events lead me to continue my education and earn a Juris Doctorate from Lincoln Law School in San Jose. After working as an operating room nurse for ten years, I left the medical field for the fitness industry for a better part of my adult life. In 2012, I came to work for the family business full-time. I manage everything from accounting, insurance, and sales, to marketing and human resources for our company.

When I am not in the office I love working out, spending time with my friends, going to the beach, hanging out with my husband John, family, and our two dogs, Trigger and Jax.

Nicole Agneta

I joined Ammirato Construction at the beginning of May 2016, and bring over 20 years of experience in high-level business administration and operations, project coordination, interior design, client and vendor relations. My educational background is in Business Administration from Monterey Peninsula College and from the Interior Design Department at West Valley College. I am an Interior Design Consultant at Ammirato Construction where I utilize my wide range of talents and skills. My willingness to think outside of the box and try new things has allowed me to shine in my position. Design has always been my passion and I have followed it conscientiously.

Outside of work you can find me enjoying the company of my husband and our two dogs, family, and friends. My husband and I also take pleasure in DIY projects from reclaimed and refurbished materials. I have lived in the Bay Area on and off throughout my life.

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